Model Railroad Museum of Hampton Roads: Business Plan Summary

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of the Business Plan for the Model Railroad Museum of Hampton Roads

1. What is the goal?

• To create a unique tourist attraction for people of all ages and inspire them with a hobby they can enjoy their entire lives.

2. Why?

• To preserve and share the art, science, and history of model railroading.

• To teach hobby related skills which include carpentry, art, electricity, and electronics through clinics, courses and other multi-media.

• To educate people on the history and importance of railroads in Hampton Roads and Virginia.

• To provide a community service venue for anyone with a passion for railroads to share their experience.

• Because model railroading is a fun hobby that can be enjoyed at any age.

3. Where?

• A city in Hampton Roads.

4. How we intend to achieve our goal:

• Use the guidance, experience, and cooperation of other model railroad museums in the country, the Virginia Association of Museums, and others.

• Establish a solid partnership with the host city.

• Gain support from local Class 1 and short line railroads.

• Obtain support from the model railroad hobby industry, and from local vendors and stores.

• Use help from existing local model railroad clubs to help build, operate, and talk to the public about their respective scale model layouts.

• Set up and maintain a library of reference material on model railroading.

• Establish and maintain association with The Institute of Museums and Library Services.

• Offer clinics, courses and hands-on opportunities for people to learn how to build and operate their own model railroad at home.

• Encourage school field trips, emphasizing how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) topics can be taught using the skills required to build a model railroad.

• Marketing the museum through modern techniques and our partnership with the host city.

5. How Is the leadership structured?

The Board of Directors consists of the following elected officials:

  • Chairman (only votes when there is a tie)
  • Vice Chairman
  • Director - Treasurer
  • Director - Secretary
  • Director At Large
  • Director At Large - Clubs

And several Directors chosen by each group of model railroaders who have a layout in the Museum. If there are ten groups, there will be ten Group Directors serving on the Board. Each Group Director will have one vote to assure equal and fair representation.

Non-voting members of the Board will consist of MRMHR Managers, such as operations manager, financial manager, marketing manager, education manager and other managers as required who will be appointed by the Board.

All leadership positions are non-paid and voluntary.

6. Schedule for plan of action:

• Acquire a suitable location.

• Set up a schedule for the construction of 10 operating layouts representing all the various scales of model railroads and build them.

• Begin the clinics and record them so they are available for reference use.

• Set up lesson plans for the school field trips in cooperation with local schools to ensure material meets the requirements for each grade level.

• Establish the reference library available for research to anyone interested in national and local railroad history.


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Model Railroad Photo by
Model Railroad Photo by
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