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To further our educational goals, we have developed a relationship with "New Tracks Modeling." This is a program that was started over five years ago by a Master Model Railroader named Jim Kellow, MMR. Jim is quite an accomplished model railroader. He is a lifetime member of the NMRA in the Mid-Eastern Region, who also serves as an Ambassador for the Association of Professional Model Makers to the Model Railroad Community. He is a modeler of O scale traction, a scratchbuilder in brass and basswood, as well as an author and a clinician. 

New Tracks started out with S scale and O scale Resource magazines, which are all about model railroad modeling and teaching how to model through the use of mentoring. About three years ago, because of the pandemic, the weekly New Tracks Zoom show was started to provide programs that people could watch on their computers at home as mentors on the program showed them the hands-on techniques of how to build models. Jim often has guests on his show who talk about various aspects of model railroading and what people are doing to promote the hobby. In fact several of our Museum Board members appeared on his show a few weeks ago to talk about our Museum. We learned during that event that Jim is also developing a STEM scholarship program associated with New Tracks. He and his associates will be mentoring students on modeling projects using the STEM concepts. Once the program is up and running, students who develop outstanding modeling skills will receive a scholarship that can be used for tuition at the college of their choice.

We began discussing this in greater detail and learned that we had similar interests in mind. Ultimately, we decided to collaborate our efforts in this regard, so that the program could potentially move along a little faster and with greater solvency. 

You can watch these live weekly Zoom shows on Wednesdays at 7pm Eastern Time. The shows are recorded and also appear on their YouTube Channel called "New Tracks Modeling." All scales are included and all modelers in all skill levels are welcome.

You may also subscribe to either one or both the O Scale Resource or S Scale Resource magazine. Both are free through their website.

Many of the New Tracks' shows have featured outstanding modelers that we frequently see on the pages of Model Railroader magazine. Viewers can interact with them live on the show.

Also, every two weeks on Thursdays at 7pm Eastern time, their Modeling Lifestyle Series are shown live on their YouTube channel.

This is a great way to learn the best tips and techniques of model railroading. Just go to the website, explore, and immerse yourself in a new mentor-driven educational approach to model railroading.



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