Model-Railroad Museum of Hampton Roads: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

We have several options for a specific location and will decide within the next six months. We are doing surveys to help us determine the best area. Stay tuned for more information on this.

How can we find out more information? 

Send us an email at

Or call us at 757-904-9390

Or sign up for the newsletter in the right column on this page.

How do I sign up to receive updates?

Fill out the form in the right column of this page to receive regular updates from the MRMHR newsletter called Making Tracks.

Do I have to be a model railroader to volunteer?

No. We will need a variety of volunteers with different skills all the way from carpentry, electricity, and plumbing to cleaning, sweeping and selling tickets in the lobby. See the page on Volunteering.

Is this organization affiliated with the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA)?

No. We are not owned or managed or involved with the NMRA in any way. You do not have to be a member of the NMRA to join, volunteer or operate in the MRMHR. We have nothing against the NMRA. We are just not connected with them in any way. You may join with us whether you are a member of the NMRA or not.

Are all donations tax deductible?

Yes, we have been approved by the IRS as a tax-exempt charitable organization and any donations that you provide are tax deductible when you report your income taxes.

How many layouts will be shown in this museum?

8-10 once they are all built. It may take a while, but the public can watch while they are being built and even volunteer to help in the process if they wish.

Who plans, designs and builds the layouts?

We have multiple dedicated model railroaders and groups of model railroaders in the area who have the expertise and the willingness to engage in this project.

Can I become a volunteer for the Museum?

Yes, we'd love to have the extra help!

Send us an email at


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The Model Railroad Museum of Hampton Roads will be a fantastic community center based on running, operating and even building your own model railroads! There's something for every age here.

Learn about the real history of this area and how important it was in the building of America. Watch how railroads were built, the people involved, where America's roots were formed. 

As they build their own railroads, students will be learning about science, electronics,  architecture, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the art of 3 dimensional model landscaping. They can earn rewards for completing projects and winning contests.

Try to solve yardmaster problems on a switching layout like getting the lumber from the forest to the furniture store, by way of the saw mill and the lumber yard.

Run your train around blockades and other trains to get to the station on time without speeding or crashing.

Play railroad monopoly using model railroads. Winner is the one who can collect the most cars into his yard within an hour.

There will be programs for autistic and special needs kids, disabled adults and veterans.

School tours. Holiday Shows. Library and video rooms. Scouts are welcome. Even youngsters will have their own wooden models to enjoy. Classrooms and hands-on clinics for adults. Learn how to get started in the hobby. Or just enjoy the fun.

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Model Railroad Photo by
Model Railroad Photo by
Model Railroad Photo by

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